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1-to-1 Personal Orientation Meeting

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“When we serve others with an open and generous heart, great healing comes to us “….Achyuta Ashram

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”- Atma Srinivas

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I am not going to give you a destination.I can only give you a direction –
awake, throbbing with life,unknown, always surprising, unpredictable.
I’m not going to give you a map.I can give you only a great passion to discover.   -Atma Srinivas

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1-to-1 Personal Orientation Meeting

Your unique path to freedom

LIVE Online Orientation Meeting of 15-20 minutes

“People are different; each individual is unique, and each individual needs a unique way that suits him.”  Atma Srinivas

An orientation meeting with one of the members of our facilitators team will help you to choose a personal program and introduce you to the process of untangling yourself from the mind that is keeping you from living authentically and joyfully.

”No individual is satisfied as he is. He wants to be more conscious, to be more peaceful, to be more loving, to be more loved. He wants a life full of flowers and fragrance. What he finds is just misery, anxiety, anguish, meaninglessness.
What the individual is missing is a very simple thing: a certain methodology to make him more centered, more silent, more serene, more collected, more together. The name of the methodology is what I call meditation. The individual needs something more than the mind; it is already in him, but he is entangled with the mind. His entanglement with the mind prevents him from seeing beyond it to his real self.”
  Atma Srinivas


The large number of options available to you on  Achyuta Ashram Online can be overwhelming. This meeting will help you find your feet in a new world, the world of  Atma Srinivas – a world where you are supported to live your own life and to be your own unique being.


  • You will learn about the various sessions, courses, and classes available on Achyuta Ashram Online.
  • You will experience the flavor of love and respect that permeates the Atma Srinivas Online world.
  • You will be supported to choose what fits your current needs on your path to freedom.


  • A LIVE online meeting of 15-20 minutes with a certified facilitator with extensive experience in meditation
  • A broad overview of the courses and sessions available on  Achyuta Ashram   Online
  • Help to choose among the sessions, courses, and classes, to find what fits your present needs

“Just on the surface everyone is alike, with the same problems, but if you penetrate deep, if you are alert and ready to move with the person to the deeper core of his being, the deeper you go, the more original, individual and unique a phenomenon comes into being. If you can see to the very center, this person before you is unrepeatable. He has never been before, he will never be again. He is just unique. And the mystery then overfills you – the mystery of the unique person.” Atma Srinivas


The list of available session facilitators is cost-free for 15 Minutes but the next section is not free service pay and utilised